How to Study Proverbs (Dr. Don Owsley)
Our Planned Parenthood (Dr. Don Owsley)
Proverbs for Parenting Misapplied (Dr. Don Owsley)
Why Isn’t Proverbs a How-To Book on Parenting? (Dr. Don Owsley)
Train Up a Child: What does Proverbs 22:6 Actually Mean?(Dr. Don Owsley)
Proverbs is Not a Child Training Manual part 1 (Dr. Don Owsley) 
Proverbs is Not a Child Training Manual part 2 (Dr. Don Owsley) 
Sketches of Jewish Social Life in the Days of Christ (Rabbi Alfred Edersheim)


  1. Jessica

    Question for Dr. Don- were you referring to Bruce Waltke at the end of this discussion in minute 40? As I have been looking at this issue with fresh eyes, I have recently looked at Bruce Waltke’s commentary on Proverbs to try to gain some insight! I just finished listening to this 3 part discussion by the way and it has been very helpful. I listened out of order obviously 😂

    1. Katie van Straten

      Hey Jessica! Thank you for your comment! If you’d like to speak with Dr. Don directly, you’re welcome to message him at his Facebook Page, Relavate Counseling Ministires. I’ll provide the link below! You’re also welcome to check out our Tending Lambs Facebook group and Facebook page for more interaction and information 🙂 (The Tending Lambs Facebook Group)

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